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Losing your direction doesn't have to be dramatic, but finding a new direction can encourage development and individualization.

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Daniela Brambilla: Online Counselling in Australia

Online Counselling Dr Daniela Brambilla

Dr Daniela Brambilla offers Online Counselling for Italians living in Australia who would like to receive psychological counselling from a professional native Italian speaker. This web site draws on my own experience with people who have experienced moments of profound loneliness and discomfort whilst living abroad for work or study.
On their return to Italy, they came to my studio to resolve the trauma experienced, because what they faced was indeed a trauma. Hence my decision to prevent this discomfort and create an Online Counselling web site for Italians.

Nowadays, it is increasingly more common to experience life abroad for both short and long periods, but the impact that dealing with such diversity causes on a profound level is often underestimated.

When we are surrounded by certainties, everything seems to be in order, both within us and outside of us, but the world can suddenly fall to pieces when we encounter otherness.
Long journeys, transfers and extended trips abroad put us in contact with cultures that are often poles apart from our own. Everything is different, from the food to the language, and some people find the impact with a culture so different from their own can be a cause of great discomfort.

Facing all this alone can be truly difficult and when you're abroad it is not easy to find good professional support to help resolve any issues, because there are two factors that play a fundamental role in this helping relationship: your language and your culture.

Certain existential issues can only be explained in your native language and the person listening must be on the same cultural wavelength in order to interpret your needs.

Luckily, technology has made it possible for us to overcome these limits and provide support remotely using the Internet. Thanks to the use of Skype, we can now form a long-distance relationship that has all of the characteristics of a traditional psychological setting and therefore provide a valuable contribution to those in need of assistance.

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