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Daniela Brambilla: Italian Psychologist for Italians living in Perth

Italian Psychologist Perth Dr Daniela Brambilla

Psychologically, the "home" is where I was born or where I live when I get married?
The first home is the heimat, that is to say the essence of which you are made.
The home you build is an expression of that first home, but it will also be the fulfilment of your process of individualization. Our role as individuals is to grow whilst distancing ourselves from that first home using the means available to us. In all of the fairy tales and myths, the main character or hero leaves their parent's home with a bundle slung over their shoulder: Puss in Boots, Red Riding Hood, Ulysses...

Dr Daniela Brambilla is an Italian Psychologist and Psychoanalist and offers psychological support to italians abroad looking for someone to listen to them in their native language and who living in Perth looking for an Italian speaking psychologist.

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