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In finding myself I may find something I don't like, but the part I don1't like hides the meaning of my life.

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Australia: Phone Counselling via Skype - Dr Daniela Brambilla

Phone Counselling: Dr Daniela Brambilla

Dr Brambilla offers a Phone Counselling service (through video call via Skype) for Italians living in Australia who wish to receive psychological support from a native Italian speaking psychologist.

The German word Heimat does not have a direct equivalent in the Italian language.
In English it is usually translated as "Home", "Native place" or "Small Homeland" as it indicates the place where a person feels at home, where they were born or spent their childhood.

It is the place where you were born or grew up, the place of language and feelings, where your ancestors are buried, where you built your life and home.
When life takes us far away from all of this, we are often so full of enthusiasm for the adventure that we don't feel the emotions triggered by detachment from our roots.

One of my Italian clients, who I have supported for the last two years, holds a position of great responsibility within a multinational telecommunications company that has led him to move to London.
Over time, he had put all of his energy into his work, then something started to falter: he didn't know what he wanted anymore and felt confused...

The reasons for accepting the job in London were no longer enough to fill his life. What he wanted before was now in conflict with his current desires and his soul was torn. So he looked for a phone counselling service and contacted me on Skype.

During one session, he told me about a dream he'd had: "I saw a window lit up in the night. Some families were gathered around a table... It was Christmas".
That bright window is the fire around which our parents gathered, the heart of the family and our source of security. He was able to describe heimat perfectly.

He had enjoyed several new experiences during his time abroad, discovering different ways of living. It had opened his mind. He wanted to continue the stimulating experience in London but felt as though he had lost his roots and couldn't find himself.

At this point I asked him to rewrite his story, to reconcile his past experience with that of the present. I suggested he call a time-out: a psychological technique similar to "freeze framing". This involved stopping the contents of his life, photographing certain aspects and bringing the details into focus to enable him to rewrite the story of his past.

Every good story starts in one place and ends in another. Every story has a beginning and it is best not to run away from it but use it as a starting point.
Heimat, the place from which our travels have taken us far away, is our beginning.

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