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Losing your direction doesn't have to be dramatic, but finding a new direction can encourage development and individualization.

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United Kingdom: Online Counselling - Dr Daniela Brambilla

Online Counselling: Dr Daniela Brambilla

Welcome to Dr Daniela Brambilla's online counselling web site, created for Italians living in the United Kingdom looking for a native Italian speaking psychologist.

The decision to offer an online counselling service was taken as a direct result of my professional experience.
In performing my work I have encountered many people who have suffered from loneliness or emotional discomfort whilst spending time abroad for work or study.
On their return to Italy, they turned to me to help them resolve their psychological crisis, so I decided to do something about it: to listen and prevent suffering through this Online Counselling web site.

Nowadays, travelling for work or living for long periods in places where the culture is very different from our own is a much more frequent occurrence.
This can destabilize us: it is not easy to get used to a different lifestyle, different foods or manage to express yourself in a different language, yet the psychological and emotional impact of facing such diversity is often underestimated.

When we are surrounded by familiar things we feel safe, but when we encounter diversity our world can suddenly fall to pieces.
Facing all this alone can be very difficult and finding valid, professional support to help you resolve your problems when you are abroad is not always an easy task.
Two factors play a fundamental role in a helping relationship: the language and your culture.

It is not easy to explain certain existential problems in a langage that is different to your own and it is much easier for the person listening to interpret your needs if you belong to or originate from the same culture.

Luckily, technology is at hand to help us eliminate these barriers and allow us to form a helping relationship even at a distance. Through the use of Internet and Skype we can form a relationship very similar to that created in a traditional psychological setting and provide support to those who may need it at that particular time in their life.

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You can contact Dr Daniela Brambilla (Online Counsellor for Italians living in United Kingdom) completing the contact form.