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United Kingdom Italian Psychologist: Dr Daniela Brambilla references

Italian Psychologist: Dr Daniela Brambilla

Dr Daniela Brambilla is an Italian Psychologist and Psychoanalyst.
She is registered with the Ordine degli Psicologi Italiani della regione Lombardia (professional body of Italian psychologists for the Lombardy region) with registration number 03/9098 and also works as a psychologist for the Italian Ministry of Grace and Justice.

She has been working to promote scientific studies and research in social, pedagogical and psychological fields (since 1981). She has also promoted training activities, organised both independently and in cooperation with public and/or private bodies, involving studies, research and teaching in the field of psychology.

Daniela Brambilla has studied Philosophy, Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Ethnology.
She has received national and international awards in the field of psychology.

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