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I would like all of my patients to understand that loneliness is a state of mind. If you are happy with yourself you will be happy anywhere.

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Phone Counselling in the United Kingdom (via Skype): Dr Daniela Brambilla

Phone Counselling: Dr Daniela Brambilla

Dr Daniela Brambilla offers a Phone Counselling service (through video call via Skype) to people living in the United Kingdom who feel the need for psychological support from a native Italian speaking professional.

There is a German word that I am very fond of, which does not have a direct equivalent in Italian. The word is Heimat, which in English is sometimes translated as Home, Small Homeland or Native Place, and indicates the place where a person feels most at home.

Heimat is the place where you were born, where you spent your childhood and grew up. It is where you learnt to walk and talk. It is the place of your emotions, where you built your home, your life... where your relatives are buried.

Sometimes life leads us far away and our enthusiasm for a new adventure often prevents us from perceiving the detachment from our Heimat, from our roots, but eventually the time comes when we must deal with the emotions triggered by our detachment.

This is what I was told by a young man who contacted me through the Phone Counselling service.
He moved to London for an important job in the telecommunications industry. During the first two years he was completely absorbed by his work for the multinational company, then something started to go wrong.

He no longer knew what he wanted and was no longer convinced that he had made the right choice. He was confused and felt as though he was at a crossroads in his existence: what he had experienced in the past seemed to conflict with his present feelings.

So he decided to deal with the situation. He contacted me and we began a course of Phone Counselling on Skype. During one of the first sessions he told me about a dream he'd had:
"It was Christmas. I saw a window lit up in the dark of the night... and I saw families gathered around a table...".
That bright window was symbolic of the fire around which he used to gather with his parents, a symbol of the family and the origin of his security. It described heimat perfectly.
Although he enjoyed some stimulating experiences in London and was determined to stay, being uprooted from home had made him feel lost.
So I asked him to write down his story and try to join up his past experience with the one he was experiencing in the present.

Start a psychological technique similar to "freeze framing".
Enjoy the luxury of taking a break, photograph the details, bring the contents into focus and rewrite your story. The journey always starts in one place and ends in another.
The important thing is not to run away.

The important thing is to start.
And we will start from here, from Heimat, the place from which our travels have taken us far away.

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